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What is a book summary?

Book summaries should not be confused with book reviews.'s book summaries are concise but thorough summaries (in the range of 8-15 pages) that present you with all the main points, highlights and arguments from a Catholic book..

What Summaries do you have?

To view our book summaries currently available, please click here

You may purchase our entire selection of summaries at a substantial discount or purchase individual summaries for only $4.95/each.

Who reads's book summaries and why?

Basically, anyone who wants to read more Catholic books but is lacking the time to read all that is available consistently. Priests, religious, parents, teachers, students and anyone actively interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith and the book in question make up's customer base. Our customers know how important it is to stay informed and they read summaries to do just that in the most efficient, timesaving manner possible.

Are opinions and commentary included in the summaries?

Only the original author's opinion is included in each summary. does not offer judgment on the content in each book. Instead, the ideas, commentary, viewpoints and arguments are presented just as the author has intended in his or her book.

How are the summaries delivered?

Summaries are available for on-screen viewing in our lesson editor, as well as in the form of a downloadable PDF file.

We also have published all of our summaries in one massive paperback book entitled "Catholic Book Summaries: 54 Traditional & Contemporary Classic."