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Series 42: Moral Life


How does God really want us to live our lives? What is true happiness? The playbook to live on earth is detailed by God in the Bible and church documents. When the points are stacked against us, will we continue to use the playbook to win the game? This introduction to moral life gives clear explanations of church documents including the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Identifiable and relatable examples are used to bring moral life teaching into everyday life.

All CatechismClass Lessons follow our time-tested 7 Step format: Introduction, Opening Prayers, Scripture and Commentary, Catechism Passages, Integration of the Lesson Topic, an activity, and a closing prayer.

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Moral Life contains all of these lessons:

  • Moral Life #1: Man's Betrayal of his Creator
  • Moral Life #2: Personsal Freedom and Morality - Judging Our Personsal Acts
  • Moral Life #3: Beginning to Understand Sin and Morality
  • Moral Life #4: Sin and Morality The Virtues: Part 1
  • Moral Life #5: The Virtues: Part 2
  • Moral Life #6: The Two Kinds of Grace
  • Moral Life #7: The Fullness of the Holy Ghost
  • Moral Life #8: The Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Ghost
  • Moral Life #9: Putting It All Together
  • Moral Life #10: The Beatitudes- The Heart of Catholic Morality

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