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Lesson 85: Baptism Preparation Program (For Either Godparents or Parents) publishes a best selling and one-of-a-kind online Baptism Preparation Course. This course is ideal for those who are studying to prepare for their child's Baptism or to be Godparents.

Course Highlights:

  • Upon successful completion of this program, users have the ability to request a Certificate of Completion. Certificates are issued within only 2 - 3 business days. To those who ordered expedited processing, certificates are made available even quicker - guaranteed in 24 hours!
  • This course is written by Fr. James Zatalava and offered for a nominal price through
  • Thousands of users successfully complete this course each year.
  • The recommended time to take this course is 1 - 2 hours.
  • This price includes all materials for the course as well as the preparation of the standard certificate of completion.

In this best-selling course, you will learn:
  • The Role of Baptism, its Necessity, and what original sin is
  • Baptism in the Early Church
  • The essential rite of Baptism including the minister of Baptism, the effects of Baptism, and the baptismal character
  • The facts on infant baptism, unbaptized infants, non-Catholic Baptisms, and RCIA
  • The role of godparents and how it is a true blessing and a great responsibility
  • Much more!

Note: Please purchase only one copy of this course. Each individual user of the program will need to have their own unique login and their own single copy of the program.

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