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Quinceañera Preparation

In a world that seems to be turning more and more away from God, the celebration of the Quinceañera offers an opportunity to bring individuals and families together to give thanks to God for the gift of life, and ask for His blessings upon the young woman on her journey from childhood to maturity.

Quinceañera: A Celebration of Life and a Young Woman's Path to Sainthood written by Yokasta Lara, published by is a spiritual preparation for girls celebrating their Quinceañera, which ensures that the young woman understands the basics of her Catholic Faith. Focus is put on the Sacraments and the importance of living a holy life.

Yokasta Lara was born in the Dominican Republic and is a revert to Catholicism who is very passionate about her Catholic Faith. She holds a bachelor's degree in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies from the Pennsylvania State University.  In her free time, Yokasta enjoys learning foreign languages. She lives in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

The contents of the program are available here on as part of an online. Those who complete the program can receive a Certificate of Completion.

Additionally, the content of the course is available for purchase in a paperback book by clicking here.