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Abortion & Contraception Courses has prepared two short courses dealing with these complementary issues. We assume that the vast majority of our members are already committed to the Catholic teaching on these two issues. These two separate short courses are designed to give the committed Catholic the power packed facts to defend these critical teachings in casual conversations, cocktail parties, and formal debates.

Abortion Short Course:

Learn the fundamental concepts of this issue, including the various types of abortion, the history of the issue, the involvement of Planned Parenthood, the prevalence of abortion in and among certain cultures, it's connection to euthanasia, the primary nature of the pro-life issue, and the importance of voting pro-life.

Contraception Short Course:

Learn the basics of Church teaching as it is found in both the Old and New Testament, it's effect on the body, it's interference with chastity, it's negative effect on both Marriage and the Family, it's close link to abortion, the use of Natural Family Planning, what the recent Popes have said about contraception, it's vicious exploitation of women, and finally, the real meaning of love.

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Our ethical courses on abortion and contraception have been written exclusively by Maria Vitale Gallagher for Ms Gallagher is the legislative director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.